AeroGCS GREEN User Manual

Welcome to the AeroGCS GREEN user manual, your in-depth guide to effectively utilizing this advanced mission planning and precision spraying software. AeroGCS GREEN is designed to streamline drone management and mission planning, offering compatibility with autopilots such as Ardupilot.


AeroGCS GREEN stands out as a user-friendly yet powerful drone management and mission planning software. With its intuitive interface and wizard-driven functionalities, pilots can now efficiently plan their flight missions without the burden of carrying heavy laptops to the field. The software's wizard capabilities significantly reduce planning time, allowing pilots to leverage mobile devices for seamless mission preparation.

Key Features:

Effortless Mission Planning: AeroGCS GREEN's wizard-driven design empowers pilots to efficiently chart their flight missions. This feature translates into not only saving time but also increased convenience.

Mobile Convenience: Bid farewell to cumbersome laptops on the field. AeroGCS GREEN enables pilots to plan and manage missions using mobile devices, enhancing field mobility and flexibility.

Automated Cloud-based Logs: The software generates automated flight logs, securely stored in the cloud. This facilitates easy access to flight data anytime and from anywhere. Such comprehensive logs contribute to local compliance adherence and precise mission analysis.

Local Compliance and Analysis: By using AeroGCS GREEN, pilots can ensure adherence to local regulations and requirements. The software's analytical capabilities provide accurate mission assessment and insights, promoting compliance and effective decision-making.

Focusing on Greener Agriculture: AeroGCS GREEN is specifically designed to enhance the quality of farm fields and promote sustainable agriculture. By leveraging precision spraying technology, the software contributes to healthier and greener crop growth, ultimately improving lives and communities.

Platform Compatibility: AeroGCS GREEN operates seamlessly on the Android operating system, offering a familiar environment for users. This ensures accessibility across a range of devices and ensures an optimal user experience.

Unparalleled Connectivity: A defining feature of AeroGCS GREEN is its ability to establish a direct connection between a handheld instrument and the drone. This unique capability empowers users to effortlessly communicate with and control the drone, simplifying the piloting process while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

In conclusion, AeroGCS GREEN presents a mission planning and precision spraying software solution that harmonizes user-friendliness and power. Its streamlined mission planning, compatibility with mobile devices, cloud-based logs, and commitment to sustainable agriculture make it an invaluable tool for both experienced and novice pilots. With AeroGCS GREEN, you have the means to not only optimize drone operations but also contribute to greener and healthier agricultural practices.

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